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AVC have been Established since 1997; we are experienced providers of vehicle finance, contract hire and leasing, for all types of car and commercial vehicle, including premium and classic cars.
We guarantee business and personal clients the best prices at all times and our dedicated team is always on hand to assist. If you would like guidance regarding asset finance and leasing, including contract small print, we are here to help.
AVC also refinances vehicles and any other assets you have already invested in, allowing for the release of valuable capital, for it can be used in more productive areas.

Check out our Asset Finance and Leasing Guide

All Vehicle Contracts’ Leasing guide is as transparent as our on-line quotation platform. You can explore the benefits, as well as the pros and cons of both business and personal contract hire and leasing and the most commonly asked questions
  • Business Account Eligibility

    Navigating the process of securing a business account for contract hire and leasing agreements can seem like a daunting task, but understanding the eligibility criteria can simplify the journey. Fundamentally, these agreements are a form of credit provided by financiers to businesses—including limited companies, sole traders, LLPs, and PLCs. The approval of such accounts hinges on the customer's credit status and the cost of the vehicle, despite the vehicle remaining the property of the financier from the start.
  • Finance Lease

    Vehicle finance leasing presents an intriguing and efficient avenue for businesses in the U.K. to acquire new vehicles without the hefty price tag of outright ownership. This financial solution has its roots in the 1800s and has evolved to become a cornerstone of equipment finance globally, catering not just to smaller assets but to substantial investments like vehicles, aircraft, and even power plants. For companies that are VAT registered, whether small, large, or partnerships, vehicle leasing in the U.K. offers a cost-effective strategy to update or expand their fleet, especially for assets like vans and commercial vehicles that tend to depreciate rapidly.
  • Flexi Lease

    Flexi leasing for business

    Flexi lease is ideal for those that want a return of capital at lease end and cost effective motoring without mileage restrictions. Flexi lease attracts full fleet discounts making this method of funding for business users well worth considering.

    Flexi lease is also a good option for high mileage cars, commercials vehicles, and in particular specialist’s vehicles and those that are used for hard work that tests the vehicles depreciation curb over the lease period.

    Lease agreements allow use of a vehicle without ownership, but still offers the return of all the asset value achieved from the sale, or the majority of the sale proceeds less a percentage to the finance companies in some instances.  
  • Lease Purchase

    Lease Purchase (Hire Purchase)

    Hire Purchase or Lease Purchase finance agreements are the same, the difference being is that lease purchase can offer lower monthly payments by incorporating a final payment (sometimes referred to as a balloon payment); this figure is one larger payment due at the end of the lease purchase agreement.  The purpose of setting this figure is to reduce monthly payments compared to that of normal hire purchase. The agreement will either be Regulated or Unregulated under the Consumer Credit Act.

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